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Christian Yongwhan Lim is a CEO (Co-founder) in a Stealth Startup, a Co-Founder in Christian and Grace Consulting, and an Associate of Computer Science at Columbia University where he is Head Coach for its ICPC team. He is passionate about teaching on the topics of technical interview preparation and competitive programming. He also volunteers as ICPC Internship Manager and ICPC Judge for North America Regionals (Mid-Central and Greater New York) and North America Qualifier. He had been a Research Software Engineer at Google for nearly six years and a Senior Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma Investments for a bit over a half year. He pursued a PhD program in Operations Research at MIT for about three years where he was advised by Professor Asuman Ozdaglar. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics (double major) and an MS in Computer Science, all from Stanford.

Country:United States
Affiliation:Columbia University
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Research interests:CS Education; Technical Interview Preparation; Programming Contest;


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