Publish the software that supports your research!

Authors of conditionally-accepted PACMPL(OOPSLA) papers are invited to submit a software artifact that supports the claims in their papers. Per the ACM guidelines for Artifact Review and Badging, OOPSLA provides two types of validation for artifacts as badges that appear on the first page of the paper:

  1. Artifact Available: This badge is for artifacts that are published in a permanent location (with a DOI). Artifacts do not need to be evaluated to receive this badge.

  2. Artifact Evaluated: This badge is for artifacts that have been approved by the OOPSLA Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC). There are two levels for the badge; papers can receive at most one of them:
    1. Functional, for artifacts that adequately support the main scientific claims of the paper

    2. Reusable, for artifacts that are Functional and facilitate reuse through careful documentation and clear organization.

Submission is voluntary. Artifact Evaluation is a service provided by the community to help authors of accepted papers extend the reach of their work and encourage future researchers to build on it.

See the Call for Artifacts tab for more information.

Call for Artifacts

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