This workshop celebrates the career and accomplishments of Jens Palsberg on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Jens has been a pillar of the OOPSLA community for over three decades and has represented the SIGPLAN community at the ACM level as a member of the Executive Committee. His distinguished service to the community includes ACM SIGPLAN chair, vice-chair of SIGBED, editor-in-chief of TOPLAS, editorial board of Information and Computation, Program Chair of POPL, TACAS, EMSOFT, and SAS, General Chair of POPL, LICS, and SPIN, as well as a member of over 100 Program Committees. Jens has been honored with many awards, including the ACM Distinguished Service Award. But more than that, Jens has been a great advisor, mentor, and friend to so many in the community, particularly his many successful students. Please join us to honor him with a series of distinguished talks and papers in the many areas of research that he’s fostered and contributed to.

Call for Papers

The JENSFEST workshop is inviting short papers on all topics that Jens Palsberg has contributed to over the years. A non-exhaustive list of topics are:

  • Quantum programming.
  • Static and dynamic program analysis.
    • Partial type inference.
    • Program reduction.
    • Memory and lock violations.
    • Transactional memory.
    • Other
  • Compilers.
    • Register allocation.
    • FPGA synthesis.
    • Embedded systems.
    • Program synthesis.
    • Other
  • Foundations of object-oriented systems.
    • Type systems.
    • Semantics.
    • Correctness.
    • Other
  • AI and program analysis.
  • Weak memory models.
  • Benchmarks suites.

Important Dates

  • Submission: June 9th, anywhere on earth,
  • Response: July 12th.

Submission website

Submissions are accepted through hotcrp, at


Submissions will be reviewed according to ACM SIGPLAN standards for a typical workshop in any of these fields. The program committee will evaluate papers for soundness, completeness, presentation quality, and most of all–Jensness.

Formatting instructions

Submissions should be in a single-column, ACM proceedings format and not exceed 12 pages, excluding references and appendices. Additionally, we welcome two-page summaries, describing either original thoughts or the current state-of-afairs on areas where Jens has done research. The ACM LaTeX Template is here. Submissions should use the acmsmall document class."

Questions? Use the JENSFEST contact form.