Thomas Kühn

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Name:Thomas Kühn

My current interests revolve around inventing new ways to model and programm future software systems with their increased complexity, heterogeneity, distribution, rate of change and longevity. To do this I study role-based modeling and programming languages and try to overcome their individual shortcomings. In pursuit of this goal, I have developed both a family of role-based modeling as well as a family of role-oriented programming languages, which are supported by a feature-aware modeling editor and basic IDE features, respectively. Following these topics, I want to help bridge the gap between the design of static monolithic to the design of fully dynamic adaptive systems.

Aside from that, I am interested in good practices in scientific research and methods to improve my daily work process.

Affiliation:Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
Research interests:Programming Languages, Modeling Languages, Formal Languages, Langauge Product Lines


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