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Evaluating the effectiveness of Deep Learning Models for Foundational Program Analysis Tasks

OOPSLA 2024 People: Qian Chen, Chenyang Yu, Ruyan Liu, Chi Zhang, Yu Wang, Ke Wang, Ting Su, Linzhang Wang

… . Results show that all models are accurate in both prediction tasks, especially … of the results of all models in both tasks, concluding that deep learning models …

Cocoon: Static Information Flow Control in Rust

OOPSLA 2024 People: Ada Lamba, Max Taylor, Vincent Beardsley, Jacob Bambeck, Michael D. Bond, Zhiqiang Lin

… overhead, or report false leaks, all of which hinder adoption. This paper presents …

Finding Cross-rule Optimization Bugs in Datalog Engines

OOPSLA 2024 People: Chi Zhang, Linzhang Wang, Manuel Rigger

… program, we can evaluate all rules individually by constructing a reference … and error bugs. Deopt can detect all bugs found by queryFuzz, a state-of-the-art …

Hydra: Generalizing Peephole Optimizations with Program Synthesis

OOPSLA 2024 People: Manasij Mukherjee, John Regehr

… project’s issue tracker. All of Hydra’s generalized peephole optimizations have been …

HOL4P4: mechanized small-step semantics for P4

OOPSLA 2024 People: Anoud Alshnakat, Didrik Lundberg, Roberto Guanciale, Mads Dam

… We present the first semantics of the network data plane programming language P4 able to adequately capture all key features of P4$_{16}$, the most recent version of P4, including external functions, aka. externs, and concurrency …

PROMPT: A Fast and Extensible Memory Profiling Framework

OOPSLA 2024 People: Ziyang Xu, Yebin Chon, Yian Su, Zujun Tan, Sotiris Apostolakis, Simone Campanoni, David I. August

… memory profilers were ported with PROMPT while all features preserved …

A Constraint Solving Approach to Parikh Images of Regular Languages

OOPSLA 2024 People: Amanda Stjerna, Philipp Rümmer

… A common problem in string constraint solvers is computing the Parikh image, a linear arithmetic formula that describes all possible combinations of character counts in strings of a given language. Automata-based string solvers frequently …

Profiling Programming Language Learning

OOPSLA 2024 People: Will Crichton, Shriram Krishnamurthi

… are a simple and useful technique for understanding language learning at all

Quarl: A Learning-Based Quantum Circuit Optimizer

OOPSLA 2024 People: Zikun Li, Jinjun Peng, Yixuan Mei, Sina Lin, Yi Wu, Oded Padon, Zhihao Jia

all benchmark circuits. Surprisingly, Quarl can learn to perform rotation …

VeriEQL: Bounded Equivalence Verification for Complex SQL Queries with Integrity Constraints

OOPSLA 2024 People: Yang He, Pinhan Zhao, Xinyu Wang, Yuepeng Wang

… evaluation on over 20,000 benchmarks shows that VeriEQL outperforms all state …

Synthetiq: Fast and Versatile Quantum Circuit Synthesis

OOPSLA 2024 People: Anouk Paradis, Jasper Dekoninck, Benjamin Bichsel, Martin Vechev

… with custom gate sets. On all those tasks, Synthetiq is typically one to two orders …

Deriving Dependently-Typed OOP from First Principles

OOPSLA 2024 People: David Binder, Ingo Skupin, Tim Süberkrüb, Klaus Ostermann

… a new constructor requires the modification of all existing pattern matches …

Quantitative Bounds on Resource Usage of Probabilistic Programs

OOPSLA 2024 People: Krishnendu Chatterjee, Amir Kafshdar Goharshady, Tobias Meggendorfer, Đorđe Žikelić

… incurred along every path.

Second, for tail bounds, all previous methods …

Gradually Typed Languages Should Be Vigilant!

OOPSLA 2024 People: Olek Gierczak, Lucy Menon, Christos Dimoulas, Amal Ahmed

… the complete run-time typing history of a value, which consists of all